1971 Ford Bronco Sport Wagon             Astra blue with parchment interior- All original upholstery,
floor mat, and headliner- Early Broncos were produced from 1966, the first year of production, till
1977- Only  19,784 Broncos were produced in 1971.

Check out this link
to learn more about the history of the Early Bronco
1969 Ford Torino Talladega                                        
Ford had to have an answer to the Plymouth Superbird and Dodge Ford made body
modifications to make theTorino more competitive in Nascar.  The front end is longer and the rockers
were extended lower to make them more aerodynamic.  All Talladegas had the 428 Cobra Jet engines
and automatic transmission.  The hoods were blacked out and a special stripe was applied from the front
to the back.  The Talladegas also had special emblems consisting of a simple "T" on the top of the doors
and on the rear panel.The Talladega was offered in three colors White, Burgandy, and Dark Blue.   The
Talladegas competed against the well-known Plymouth Superbirds and Dodge Daytonas.
Produced in December 1942; Serial #84189; All original body. Many period correct accessories. It has
the center and right side 1919 Browning A4 machine guns, original tow bar, desert cooling package, 2
piece combat wheels, original compass, 90% "F" marked parts and bolts.
Now for the history, Willys received the contract from the U.S. Government  to build the military Jeeps.
As soon as production began, Pearl Harbor was bombed and the war escalated. The Military needed to
increase production, so they went to Ford for help. The Willys and Ford were produced basically
identical so all the parts would be interchangeable. One primary difference was in the first year of
production (1942), Ford stamped their name on the back of them like a pickup.  In 1943, the
Government made them remove the Ford logo on the Jeep to protect the Willys patent.  Aside from the
rear logo, Ford stamped every part of the Jeep down to the bolts with an "F" to represent a Ford
produced part.  Another difference setting Ford apart from Willys is all Ford's serial numbers started
with "GPW" and Willys started with "MB."  After 60+ years of service, what you find is the Willys Jeeps
with Ford parts and Ford Jeeps with Willys parts.  Over the years they mixed and matched parts, so the
majority of Jeeps, whether Willys or Ford, are no longer 100% original.
These early military Jeeps are a very important symbol of American History and are the forefathers of
the Jeep Wranglers which are still popular today.  During tough times, our US automakers, as well as
other manufacturers, banded together to support the war effort producing Jeeps, airplanes, tanks,
trucks, and weapons.  This alone should make ALL AMERICANS continually support the US
automakers.  Without them we may not have been successful and our freedom could have been
<1936 Ford  Flathead V-8 85 H.P. - Ford used the flathead engine from 1932 till 1954. It was the first
affordable V-8 offered to the public. In the 30s and 40s the flathead was the choice of early racers, hot engine
till 1955, but when they did it was a success. This is an original and complete running engine.
>Ford 260CI V-8 - This engine was produced by Ford and used in early Sunbeam Tigers.  Tigers were  British
built sports cars that were reengineered by Shelby American.  This engine is equipped with the rare factory
aluminum intake, valve covers, and original oval breather top. The 260 V-8s were also used in early Mustangs,
Fairlanes, and Comets.
>Ford 427CI 425 HP V8 (sider oiler) - This engine was available in the Galaxie, Fairlane, and 427 Cobra.
Any car having a "R" engine code would have originally been factory equipped with this engine.   This was a
high revving  big block that won a lot of races in Nascar, road racing, and drag racing.  This engine is
original and complete.
<Ford  289CI HiPo V8 (306 horsepower) originally used in 1965-1967 Shelbys.   Ford equipped the HiPo 289
with different heads, rods, solid lifter camshaft, 715 CFM Holley carburetor, and dual point Autolite distributor.  
Shelby took these engines and added Shelby specific parts such as Cobra aluminum intake, valve covers, high
capacity oil pan, and Tri Y headers.  This engine was highly successful in Trans-Am, SCCA, and  autocross
events. All 289 HiPos in regular Mustangs had a "K" engine code.   
<Ford 428CI Cobra Jet - Ram Air "SHAKER" - originally used by Ford in Mustangs and Torinos.  Production
cars, originally equipped with this engine, have a "R" (ram air)  or "Q" engine code. Shelby used this engine in
the GT-500s as well as famous 1968 GT-500 KR which stood for King of the Road. These engines made tons
of torque and were perfect for drag racing. This engine is complete and correct.  We have accumulated
various engines and parts from decades of auto collecting, so we decided to assemble some popular Ford
motors for display purposes.  We hope to add more in the future.
<1955 Ford Thunderbird 312ci V8.
These motors succeeded the flathead V8s and were the first overhead valve V8 motors
used in Ford's vehicles.
1966 Sunbeam Tiger Mk1A 45K actual miles, 100%
original paint, 100% original interior, original
exhaust. Car is totally unrestored. Factory 260 Ford
V-8 with top loader 4-speed. This one has the rare
Lat-9 wheels and factory traction bars. The Tiger
was a British made sports car that was engineered
at Shelby and was produced from 1965-1967. They
are neat little cars and are rare to find and this one
is the best original one that I have came up with.