FORDS FROM THE 1920S, 1930S, AND 1940S
1929 Ford Model A Station Wagon
Original Station wagon including original body tag & 2nd & 3rd row seats.  All
original metal & restored wood.  The first year of the station wagon, beginning of
the "woodie," and first sport utility vehicle.  Ford built  5 Million Model As from
1927-1931.  Only 4,300 station wagons produced in 1929.  This wagon cost
$650 new in 1929. (click on small pics to enlarge)
1936 Ford Rumbleseat Cabriolet
Restored to original condition, including flathead V8.  Solid car with all original
metal. The 1936 model was considered one of the best looking cars of its time.  
Ford started using V8s in 1932.  By 1936 Ford had produced 3 Million V8s. Ford
production in 1936 was 930,778 of which only 4,616 Cabriolets were produced.
Cost new was around $750. (click on small pics to enlarge)
1937 Ford Deluxe Cabriolet
Very rare 1937 convertible restored to original specs.  This car is equipped with
the original driveline. This was the first year Ford integrated the headlamps into
the fenders instead of having them externally mounted. This car cost $750 new.
1939 Ford Deluxe Coupe
Only 29K actual miles. Purchased from the estate of a 92 year old lady.
Completely original including engine, driveline, paint, interior, chrome, and spare
tire. Still has two oil change stickers in door jam one at 16k and the other at
27k miles in 1965. In 1939 Ford produced their 27 millionth car since beginning
of production in 1903. The year of 1939 was the first year Ford used hydraulic
brakes and the last year the shifter was in the floor.  Also the last year for the
roll out windshield and rumble seat, available on the convertibles only. The Ford
V8 Coupes were popular with the young hot rodders and moonshiners. Cost
new was around $750. (click on small pics to enlarge)
1940 Ford Deluxe Coupe
One of the best 1940 Ford Coupes in the country, two time GRAND NATIONAL
winner purchased from the famous BENNY BOOTLE COLLECTION. Restored by
ERNEST ALLEN, one of the ALLEN brothers of Georgia that are famous for their
FORD restorations and knowledge. If you think you have one better step
forward. The 1940 model was considered the best looking early V8 built, with
many improvements over previous years and styling that was favored by all.
Cost new was around $850.If you want a first class 40 coupe today figure on
turning lose of $30-60K depending on the level of perfection. (click on small pics
to enlarge)
1940 Ford Deluxe Convertible
Garnet maroon- correct leather interior-black top- NC car with original metal.
Restored to Dearborn specifications.  Original flat head V8.  Absolutely perfect
inside and out. The 1940 Convertible was around $900 new. Ford made the V8
affordable to everyone and his styling was unmatched during the 1932-1940
period. Chevy did not produce a V8 until 1955. This made the early Ford V8s the
choice of most hot rodders during the 30s and 40s. (click on small pics to
1940 Ford Standard Station Wagon
Less than 200 1940 Ford Woodies accounted for.  The 1940 model year is one
of the most desirable years. This woody has 100% of the original hardwood,
metal, and driveline. Original lyon blue color. 2nd and 3rd seats. The year of
1940 was the first time Ford cut the wood from their own forest , produced their
own wood bodies, and installed them in their "Iron Mountain" factory. Ford
owned 500,000 acres of forest land. This 40 was restored to Dearborn specs by
Andy Killian and James Mast 2004-2005.  The 40 Woodies were some of the first
Fords to cost $1,000 new. (click on small pics to enlarge)
1940 Ford Deluxe Coupe
Good original car with one repaint. One of the most solid 40s we have seen. It has all the
original body panels, flat head V8,  and driveline. Won AACA national first prize junior
division 1993. Most early Ford V8s were rated at 85 H.P. They were not overly powerful
but pulled there weight very well. The sweetest part of the early V8s was to hear how
quiet they would run and how smooth they were. Nothing today is any better. By 1940,
Ford had produced over 6 million V8s since 1932. Ford made several improvements in
1940, including moving the shifter from the floor to the column, moving the wipers from
the top of the windshield to the bottom, adding a front sway bar, and adding sealed
beam headlamps. Ford offered six colors in 1940.  This was five more than he offered in
the early days when he said you could have any color you want as long as it was black.
These coupes were around $800 new.
(click on small pics to enlarge)
1931 Ford Model A pickup roadster.  Restored original to show standards.   
Original driveline.  Deluxe model with cowl lites and dual spares. Ford produced
convertible pickups starting with the Model T and later the Model As.  The last
year was 1934.  Ford produced 17 million Model Ts from 1903 to 1927 and 5
million Model As from the end of 1927 to 1931, but very few roadster pickups
were produced.  Ford offered about as many models back then as they do
now. The Model A modernized the automotive world with reliable
transportation for a affordable price. Most Model As had a price tag of
$400-650. This truck would have cost around $500 new. That would only buy
you a set of tires for it  today.
(click on small pics to enlarge)
1937 Ford Deluxe Station Wagon
Purchased from the original McQuay family in 2012. Pictured with the
original owner's son, Mr. McQuay, now 82 years old. McQuay drove
this woody to Harding High School in Charlotte, NC in 1947-1949.  
Later in life, McQuay worked at Duke University in Durham, NC.  This
woody has been in his garage since 1963 and has not been driven.   
We plan to leave this car in this original "barn-find" condition.