Ready to go back in time???
Our legacy began with my Father,
Bob Killian, and a 1940 Ford
Deluxe Coupe, one of his favorite
cars of all time. After 45 years of
buying, selling, and trading, we
have accumulated a nice
of classic automobiles. This site is
dedicated to my Mother,
Killian, who passed away in 1998.  
She dedicated her whole life to our
family and business.  We could not
have done it without her.  (Click
on JoAnne's name to view some
family photos)
Dealing in Mustangs and other
collectibles in the 70s on the
side is what got us interested in
the car business. In 1985 we
started Auto Sports Inc. We
have since sold over 10,000 cars
and over 600 being Mustangs.
Since Mustangs was our
specialty we kept a few along
the way along with some of our
other favorites. This did not
happen over night some of the
cars we have had over 40 years.
Among the cars we kept are 12
Shelby Mustangs from 1965-70,
one of the nicest unrestored 69
Z/28s and a real 1967 427 Cobra
CSX3251 along with some other
nice original unrestored cars. To
see some of the cars click on
the tabs at the top of the page.
We take pride in preserving
low mileage automobiles
when possible.  If beyond
preservation, we have the
knowledge and capability to
restore vehicles back to
factory specifications with
show winning results.  
Please take the time to view
our vehicles at your leisure.
We appreciate your interest
and business.
Bob Killian posing with one of his first 1940 Ford Coupes
We have owned and
Bob Killian Tire for
58 years and
Auto Sports Inc
for 32 years.  With your
support we will continue to
meet our regions automotive
related needs for many years
to come. We hope you enjoy
this site and thanks again
for visiting.
Classic Ford Garage is a site that
show cases some of the cars we
have kept over a 45 year span. We
hunted all of them down from the
owners and none were bought at
auctions. They all have a story and
are special to us.